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Scribe-Master Cope-Pro
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Chris   April 13, 2016   2   5  
In the world of millwork installation, the coped joint is favored because it can leave a clean looking joint on even the worst looking walls. However, the mitered joint is often-times used instead, because it is significantly faster to cut. A new product called the Scribe-Master Cope-Pro is making its way to North America from the UK that claims to deliver clean copes that only take seconds to cut.
Chris   July 01, 2011   0   0  
Often it is the simple things in life that make us happy. In the case of tools, often the simplest tools are the handiest and the ones we turn to the most. But can a simple adjustable hook really be a go-to tool? Well, I can't answer this, but the Crown Hanger System sure looks like it would be a huge time & money saver. Have you ever tried to install crown molding by yourself? It is almost impossible unless you have some kind of device to assist you. Some manufacturers offer fancy poles...
Bench Dog Bullnose Trim Gauge
Chris   January 08, 2010   0   1  
More and more these days people are moving away from square corner-bead in new construction. Instead, they are turning to a 3/4” rounded bullnose corner bead. This style adds a modern touch to the building, but at the same time has the feel of old Spanish-style missions. But how do you add trim to a rounded corner?
3 results - showing 1 - 3