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Milwaukee Inkzall Jobsite-Optimized Permanent Marker & Stylus
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Chris   January 10, 2014   0   3  
If you have ever used a traditional permanent marker on the jobsite you probably already know that the marker tips don't last very long. Milwaukee has introduced a line of Inkzall Permanent Markers that have been optimized to work where others markers have failed. Taking the usability of the Inkzall a step further, Milwaukee also included a Stylus that can be used with touch devices such as iPad, iPhones, and other smartphones.
Chris   September 12, 2011   0   0  
Finally we have a solution for getting marks or lines in really narrow places. Countless numbers of times I find that I need to mark layout holes for brackets, but the small holes combined with the thickness of the brackets make it impossible to get the tip of a pen or pencil through. Bleispitz has a new product that is specifically designed to reach into narrow places and make marking a simple task again. What they have is a marker with a tip that is almost a full inch in length (25mm). The tip...
2 results - showing 1 - 2