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Week 2 - Kratky Tomatoes
Chris   May 12, 2014   0   6  
A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about my super simple method for growing hydroponic tomatoes with no electricity; and though this is not tool related, enough people seemed interested about it that I figured I would write up a full article explaining my Kratky hydroponics setup.
MB HydroCalc Andriod App
Tool Blog
Chris   June 28, 2019   0   4  
A few years ago I made a free online hydroponic fertilizer calculator specifically for mixing Masterblend 4-18-38 fertilizer, with Calcium Nitrate, and Magnesium Sulfate in the correct ratios for any size water container to grow vegetables. Today, I am happy to announce that the hydroponic calculator is now a free Android App.
Masterblend Hydroponic Fertilizer Calculator For Any Container Size
Chris   October 07, 2016   1   1  
I seem to be always in the process of growing either hydroponic lettuce using the Kratky Method I wrote about in a previous article, or I am growing tomatoes. Since the Kratky method allows us to grow in just about any lidded container that can hold water, there is a constant need for me to calculate how much nutrient-solution (fertilizer water) I need to mix up for the various container sizes I use. So to simplify the process, I made up a hydroponic nutrient solution calculator for lettuce and tomatoes using Masterblend 4-18-38 fertilizer, Calcium Nitrate, and Magnesium Sulfate....
Kratky Method Biggest Result
Chris   September 16, 2014   0   5  
I wanted to do an update on my Kratky Method inspired Hydro Buckets by addressing some comments and by sharing what I learned along the way. Most importantly I wanted to share my final results on both my hydro bucket Bell Peppers and Tomatoes.
4 results - showing 1 - 4