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Swanson Savage Jab Saw/Utility Knife Review
Chris   September 28, 2012   0   10  
When you are a tradesman there is balancing act that you are always faced with. There are only so many tools you can take with you, so you have to choose what stays and what goes, and this is why I like tools with more than one function. This is also why a company like Swanson makes a tool like the Savage SVK666 Folding Jab Saw/Utility knife. It takes two tools that are commonly used when working with drywall and combines them. But how well did Swanson do at pairing these two tools up? They sent us one so...
New Dremel Cutting Knife And Drywall Jab Saw Blade For Oscillating Tools
Chris   July 11, 2012   0   2  
Dremel has come out with a couple of new oscillating tool accessories that really expand the versatility of oscillating tools and should give you even more chances to use the Multi-Max on your projects. Both new accessories move away from the standard push blade model and instead cut when you pull the tool.
2 results - showing 1 - 2