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Craftsman Tools Save The Justice League
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Chris   October 02, 2012   0   3  
Who do we turn to when we need saving? Why the Justice League of course. But who does the Justice League turn to when the Hall of Justice needs saving from disrepair? Apparently they turn to the Craftsman Technician and his trusty Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Tool System.
Chris   October 28, 2011   0   0  
Jobsites are full of many hazards, and one of those hazards could be waiting to find a home in your truck tire. I am talking about a single nail or screw that has fallen out of someones toolbag or a dropped screw box, something so small that can ruin your day if it ends up in the wrong place. If you are lucky you end up with only a slow leak and have a way to inflate your tire. Porter-Cable has announced a new High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator that can not only run off of a...
2 results - showing 1 - 2