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Husqvarna SmartSwitch
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Chris   February 25, 2014   0   2  
In response to user demand, Husqvarna is introducing a new SmartSwitch operator interface on select RZ series Zero Turn Mowers and GT series garden tractors. One key feature of SmartSwitch equipped Husqvarna mowers is that they do not require any keys.
Backyard Games - Episode 2: Trash Talking. Powered by Husqvarna.
Chris   June 06, 2011   2   0  
It is not everyday that a webshow comes along that is actually entertaining, heck, it is hard enough coming across a real TV show that can capture us for a half hour. Backyard Games, on the other hand is so entertaining that I wanted more then what the 8 minute webshow gave me. As the name suggests, Backyard Games is indeed a game show, and it pits two real guys against each other with challenges using backyard Husqvarna tools. The challenges are put together in a fun manner, and the hosts do a good job of poking fun at...
Chris   November 19, 2010   0   0  
The great thing about using pole saws is the ability to trim your trees without having to actually be in the trees. Their long extension lets us work safely on the ground or from a ladder. With all the great things these saws offer, there is also some bad. Because of the long reach, it is often hard to get any downward pressure on the saw blade to make a cut. My Father and I know all about this; just last month we were trying to cut a branch with no success. In comes...
3 results - showing 1 - 3