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Built For It™ Trials - Stack: Largest Board Game Played with Cat® Excavators
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Chris   April 16, 2014   1   0  
Playing a game of Jenga with friends and family is always fun, so imagine how much more fun it would be to play with 600-pound wooden blocks and heavy equipment. This is obviously a commercial for Cat, but that doesn't make it any less fun to watch. Of course, the best part of Jenga is buildup of adrenalin and anxiety of not knowing when the wooden tower might topple over. I wonder if those feelings increase as the size of the blocks increases?
Crossing a river with excavators
Chris   May 08, 2013   1   0  
When a bridge was washed out in Siberia there was only one way to get people across. The water was moving too fast for people to use small boats, so another way had to be devised. So what did they turn to? You already know, because you read the article title—excavators.
AMAZING Liebherr Excavator Climbs To The Top
Chris   October 17, 2012   1   0  
The excavator tricks we see on the internet that would normally impress us have now been made to look like mere child's play compared to the trick you are about to see. Self loading into a dump truck was cool, but it appears as though people have elevated their game.
Chris   September 28, 2011   0   0  
I remember as a small child playing with the little playground sandbox excavators. I would dig as deep as I could, and when I reached the depth limit of the toy, I would spin around and start a new hole. Digging holes was a lot of fun and I would would waste many a lunchtime doing it. As adults we often don't have the opportunity to do the simple things that made us happy as a child, but now thanks to a new attraction in Las Vegas, we can all be excavator operators again,...
4 results - showing 1 - 4