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The Japanese plane
Weekend Links
Chris   March 16, 2012   1   0  
Stock Your Shop With the Right Nails - Popular Woodworking With nails it is not just about selecting the right size, but nail shape is also very important. The fact is that really old nails hold better than new ones because square shaped nails provide more contact with the wood fibers. In this article Chris Schwarz talks about nail types and their application. 3D printer prints sand grain-size cathedral at record speed – MSN 3D printers are the tools of the future. They are becoming more affordable and the quality...
drill SQUARE HOLES Japanese form tool
Cool Tools
Chris   March 14, 2012   2   0  
A couple of years ago I wrote about a new tool by Darrell Peart that allows users to drill square holes without the need for any specialized machinery. The tool was similar to a mortise chisel, but it was designed to work with a regular drill and a mallet. In reality, you can not really drill a square hole with this system, though a Tool-Rank users posted a link in the article comments that detailed the math that would be involved if you could. Today we take a look at a couple of videos that show that this type...
Weekend Links
Chris   March 09, 2012   0   0  
Lead Paint Opt-Out Bill May Soften Tough New Lead Law – HCI The new lead laws introduced by the EPA are a pain in the backside, but a new bill might take some of sting away by allowing home owners to opt-out. Why opt -out? Because many contractors will not touch a house with lead paint because of the harsh EPA laws Skinth OG Ultimate Multi-Tool Sheath – ToolGuyd Some guys like to carry around small tools (known as EDC or everyday carry) to help them throughout the day and...
3 results - showing 1 - 3