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New GLM50 Brings Bosch Laser Product Line To Six Measurers
Chris   March 13, 2012   0   1  
Bosch currently has five different laser distance measurers on the market today, so you would think that they have every customer covered throughout their range. But the original DLR165K is no longer available and it looks like Bosch is going to fill that gap with the new smaller GLM 50 that made its way to us from across the pond.
Chris   August 13, 2008   0   0  
Introduction: Up until a few years ago, it was almost impossible for the average person to afford a digital laser rangefinder of any kind; the fact that they were also unreliable didn’t help either. Now with the advancements of newer technologies, and cheaper costs, DLR's have come down quite a bit in price over the past few years. The Bosch DLR165K is also a lot cheaper then most other DLR's because it is capable of about half the distance range. This for most people is a great thing, because who really needs to measure...
2 results - showing 1 - 2