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Oxx Coffeeboxx Review, Plus Exclusive Discount
Gary   May 13, 2016   0   10  
For the nine-to-fiver, a pot of coffee can almost always be found in the nearby break room—if not a full pot, at least a re-warmed stale thick cup's worth. But for the construction worker, the nearest over rewarmed stale cup of brew might be miles away, held up in traffic somewhere aboard the daily roach coach. Sure, there might be a jobsite trailer with a primitive coffee maker atop a makeshift table, but that pot of joe is reserved for the collared type, not tradesman joe whose hard hat isn't just for show. So let the office crowd have...
OXX COFFEEBOXX coffee maker
Chris   November 20, 2014   0   1  
Nothing gets you going like a nice hot cup of coffee in the wee hours of morning, but getting unlimited good fresh hot coffee on the jobsite isn’t always easy. One way to do it though, is to bring your coffee maker with you, and the Coffeeboxx Coffee Maker thinks it is perfect for the task.
2 results - showing 1 - 2