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Porter-Cable Finally Develops An 18-Volt Clampsaw Reciprocating Saw
Chris   August 13, 2012   0   4  
Back in January 2011 I reviewed the Porter-Cable 12-volt Clampsaw and really liked the Clampsaw feature. I liked the feature so much that the Clampsaw was chosen as a ToolRank Editors Pick. The tool did have its problems, but I suspect Porter-Cable took their time to address these for the 18-volt version (PCC475B).
Chris   January 12, 2011   0   0  
Introduction Porter-Cable first announced their ultra compact line of 12-volt tools back in August of 2010. They were one of the last of the major brands to make tools in the ultra compact category, but they had a few extra features that set them apart, as well as a lower price. One tool in the new line that caught my eye was their version of the ultra compact reciprocating saw; it had a new simple clamping feature that looked like could really come in handy. Porter-Cable was awesome enough to send their ClampSaw to...
2 results - showing 1 - 2