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Timberland Rip Saw
Chris   March 26, 2014   0   8  
You can't just review a pair of boots after trying them out for a few days or weeks, so when Timberland PRO sent me a pair of their Rip Saw Logger Boots, I decided I needed to take some extra time. Many things work well new, and the Rip Saw Logger Boots were no exception, but I wanted to see how comfortable they were over time.
Chris   February 14, 2011   0   0  
Timberland has built something of an oxymoron with something they call the ultimate "light heavyweight" boot. The Timberland PRO Helix 85594 boot uses a lightweight safety toe that is made of alloy instead of steel, thus giving users the protection they need without all of the weight. Part of this heavyweight status can also be attributed to their use of a rugged full-grain waterproof leather shell. While the Helix is technically classified as a work boot, Timberland also took a few cues from their outdoor boots and incorporated an anti-fatigue energy boosting technology that...
2 results - showing 1 - 2