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California Air Tools Ultra Quiet & Lightweight Air Compressor
Chris   May 15, 2012   1   0  
Two years ago I asked, Where Are The Aluminum Air Compressors? I wrote the article after draining my air compressor, seeing the rusty water come out, and wondering why they didn't make tanks out of aluminum. An aluminum tank would solve the rust issue and make the tool a bit lighter as well. In the article I mention that after a search I found Maxus aluminum air compressors, but as of now it looks like they are no longer made. Jump to today and I have found a new maker of aluminum air compressors. ...
Preview of Swanson's New Professional Savage Hand Tools
Chris   November 14, 2011   0   3  
Update: Website and additional photos added. Early next year Swanson Tools will be launching a new professional line of hand tools called Savage. Now I always figured Swanson tools were already for professionals, so I guess this new line of tools will be for more professional professionals, not just your everyday run of the mill professional.
VAULT™ by Rescue 42 (fire/rescue)
Chris   May 04, 2011   1   0  
Being a good construction worker often requires a lot of tools, but taking all of those tools to the jobsite everyday then bringing them home again can be a pain. The other option is to leave your tools on the job in a lockable jobsite box. The second method is what many of us use, but if you are a one-man-band, moving, loading, and unloading a large jobsite box can be darn near impossible. Though thanks to the Vault by Rescue 42, any one person can enjoy the safety of a jobsite box. The...
Chris   November 23, 2010   0   0  
Woodpeckers, makers of precision woodworking tools, has announced that for this week only they will be accepting orders for some pretty cool limited run T-Squares. The squares are machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum and can be purchased in both metric and imperial sizes. Each square is machined with precision in mind and features micro-fine 1mm holes that the tip of a pencil can fit through. These holes are spaced 1/32nd of an inch apart for the imperial version, .5mm apart for the metric version and run the length of the the square. Users are...
4 results - showing 1 - 4