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Bosch 14.4 & 18V Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tools
Manufacturer News
Chris   March 15, 2013   0   19  
Literally, if you took all of the products Bosch Germany announced the other day and multiplied them by X, they would surly weigh a ton or more. There are so many tools I don't know where to start—how do tools that talk to your smart phone sound?
Panasonic Dual Voltage
Chris   March 11, 2013   0   2  
While some brands advertise that their cordless tools can be used with compact batteries and full sized batteries, Panasonic has gone one step further by making a series of dual voltage tools that accept both 14.4v and 18v batteries. Panasonic is also leading the charge with 4.2Ah batteries, the highest in the industry.
Rockwell RK2600K2 16V Drill Driver
Chris   January 22, 2013   0   4  
It looks like Rockwell Tools is bringing the 14.4V cordless class back from the dead. With 18V tools becoming more powerful than ever and 12V tools becoming smaller than ever, Rockwell is looking to fill the gap.
Chris   November 17, 2011   0   0  
The Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association trade show has just come to a completion and Marc from Homefixated was there to cover all of the latest tools news and after show parties. Marc discovered some really cool tools while making his rounds, one of them being the tool-less blade change Bosch Multi-X that I wrote about a couple of months ago.
The NEW Festool Impact Driver TI 15 IMPACT 564355
Chris   September 23, 2011   1   0  
For many Festool owners it is either Festool tools or nothing, and in a time when just about every tool user has an impact driver, these same Festool fans have been making excuses as to why they don't need an impact driver. I have heard excuses like, "I don't need an impact because my Festool drill has more than enough power". Really? More torque than an impact driver? Sure their reasoning is a joke, but we have to admire their loyalty, even though it is annoying. But soon all those Festool owners that don't need impact...
Bosch Power Tools - PB360 PowerBox at Wrigley Field Video
Chris   November 17, 2010   1   0  
Sorry for the lack of news this week, I have been battling a headache all week. I thought I would post a bit of entertainment today, because I know I could sure use it. One common trend that manufactures have been doing these past couple of years has been videos of their radios surviving some amazing destruction and abuse. I am not sure which brand starting doing these first, but they are something we have all come to love. The latest to get a beatdown, is the Bosch PB360 radio. After a trip to Wrigley Field, the...
Chris   November 09, 2010   0   0  
Most of the tools that get covered here at ToolRank have to do with construction; because well, I am a construction worker. Every once in a while I throw in a garden tool just for fun, but for the most part automotive tools get left out. This injustice to automotive tools ends today with the announcement of some new lithium-ion cordless tools from Matco. Matco has announced their Infinium line of cordless tools that were specifically developed for professional automotive technicians that require the power of pneumatics but the portability of cordless. Headlining in...
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