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Chris   December 12, 2011   0   0  
Could this be the end of Sears as we know it? Every year 24/4 Wall St. puts together a list of 10 brands that they predict will not survive the next year. Unfortunately, number 5 on their list to go bye bye in 2012, is Sears. But don't start crying just yet, there might be some hope for Craftsman.
Craftsman NEXTEC QuickBoost Second Generation Preview - 2011 National Hardware Show
Chris   May 17, 2011   1   0  
We didn't make it to the National Hardware Show, but the good thing about the tool blogging community is that we all share with each other. Lucky for us, and you, Homefixated and Tools In Action were both on hand to cover the latest tools to be announced and they have some of their greatest finds on their respective websites. For those of you that prefer the visuals, TIA has you covered with a bunch of videos. Those of you who prefer the written word with a bit of wit, Homfixated is your place. Just love tools? Visit both...
Chris   September 07, 2010   0   0  
Craftsman has just entered the laser measuring market, which would normally be good news, but in this case, Craftsman has me wondering why they even bothered. It is not as though the new laser measurer is a bad tool, it is just a tool that has too little to offer for its price in today's market. A mispriced tool, as it were. At a price just shy of $100, the Craftsman Accutrac laser measurer can measure distances of up to 100 feet, calculates length, area, volume, does Pythagorean measuring and even has a backlit LCD screen....
Craftsman Music Experiment - Craftsman Labs
Chris   May 18, 2010   1   0  
Craftsman has a pretty cool YouTube channel where they showcase their tools being put though all kinds of torture and destruction. These videos are not only fun to watch, but they do a good job of demonstrating that the tools can handle a good amount of abuse. In their latest video, Craftsman shows their artistic side by making the destruction you hear everyday into music. They teamed up with music producer Kutiman to compose all that beating, sawing, cutting, grinding, hammering, chopping, etc. into music to our ears. No musical instruments were used in...
Chris   February 23, 2010   0   0  
You heard me correctly; this is some truly socking news coming from both companies. The Craftsman name is so linked to Sears, it almost hard to picture it inside of another store. It is almost like pouring Coke into a Pepsi cup, it is just wrong. Starting in May of this year, 100 select Ace stores will begin selling Craftsman products. My guess would be stores not near current Sears stores. The Ace stores will carry Craftsman hand tools, portable power tools, compressors, vacs, and tool storage; so pretty much everything. Then starting in...
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Chris   February 14, 2010   0   0  
Here is another simple to enter Twitter giveaway for you guys and gals. Sears is giving away a great starter package for any woodworker, homeowner or DIYer. The total value of the prize is worth over $700 and consists of: One (1) Craftsman 10” Laser Miter Saw (#21236) One (1) Craftsman Digital Miter Gauge (#29939) One (1) Craftsman 30 pc Router Bit Set (#26366) One (1) Craftsman Bar Clamp (#31484) One (1) Craftsman Base Plunge Router (#17540) One (1) Craftsman 10” Table...
16 results - showing 11 - 16  
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