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Porter Cable 20V LiNKED Angle Grinder
Cordless Grinders
by dirktheeng     October 22, 2014    
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Porter Cable 20V LiNKED Angle Grinder

Great tool with one surprising flaw

The angle grinder is very impressive. It is light weight, and has quite a strong motor. It has no problems cutting hardened stainless steel. It does not bog down and runs smoothly. It is also fairly quiet. The grip is ergonomic and comfortable and the handle can be positioned on the right, up, or on the left. The battery life was excellent, but don't expect to get as long of a use out of this as you would from your cordless drill. It is a power hungry tool. If you really have a lot to do with this thing, I would probably suggest getting one of the 4.0Ah batteries they now sell. The tool comes with 2 cut off wheels and a surface grinding wheel. It comes with 2 different guards which are really easy to put on and take off. There is only one flaw with the tool: it does not have a trigger on lock feature. I normally grip the grinder at the head when I am cutting because it gives me a lot more control. Without having a trigger lock, there is no way to keep the tool on without making a block to keep the trigger in place. Fortunately, there is a sizable trigger guard on the tool which allowed me to fashion a small block to wedge in to keep the tool on. With this minor modification, the tool is awesome. At this price point, there was no battery sold with the tool.

light weight, strong motor, comes with 3 wheels
no trigger lock, no battery
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