Bosch 50-ft Laser Distance Measurer $30 @ Lowes

Bosch 50-ft Laser Distance Measurer $30 @ Lowes
Chris   September 28, 2016  
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Bosch 50-ft Laser Distance Measurer $30 @ Lowes
Sale Price $30.00 Reg. Price $45.00
Savings of $15.00 (33%)
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The Bosch GLM 15 can measure distances up to 50-feet with just a push of a button using advanced laser measuring technology.

  • 1-button operation - press button once to begin measuring in continuous mode, press same button again to hold measurement
  • Continuous measurement mode - starts measuring as soon as it's turned on
  • Laser precision technology - accuracy to 1/8-in at 50-ft
  • Compact size and shape - easily portable and will rest on any flat surface
  • Distance range - measures up to 50-ft

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