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Make Your Own Bar Clamps Out Of Wood

Make Your Own Bar Clamps Out Of Wood Hot
Chris   January 28, 2014  
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Making A Wooden Bar Clamp

Something we learn as a carpenter, or maybe more so as a woodworker, is that we can never have too many clamps. Building up a collection of clamps is usually something that is done over many years, which helps spread out the costs. But if you need clamps now and don't have a bunch of money, there is another option—make your own.

One thing you should have as a woodworker is scrap wood, and other than that and a few nuts and some all-thread, it is all you need to build a fully functional F-style clamp. And from the looks if it, it is every bit as strong as something you would buy at the store.

If I have peaked your interest and you would like to build your own clamps, check out the article and build video (below) from John Heisz over at

Wooden Bar Clamps – I Build It

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