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Cool Homemade Sandpaper Cutter

Cool Homemade Sandpaper Cutter Hot
Chris   July 24, 2013  
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Sandpaper Cutter

If you have an electric sander that uses ½ or ¼-sheets of sandpaper, you probably find yourself spending a bit of time cutting your sheets to the correct size. If you use your sander fairly often, it can be a hassle cutting sheet after sheet. While cutting sandpaper is not exactly hard to do—and there are plenty of ways to do it—John Heisz from has a better way.

In the video below John shows you how to build his design and how it works. It does look like a lot of work for a task that is so simple, but once made it does look like a real time saver. Best of all, It is built with parts you probably have around the shop. Be sure to visit for more information and a SketchUp model of the Sandpaper cutter.

Sandpaper Cutter –

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