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Scruzol Multi Function Screwdriver

Scruzol Multi Function Screwdriver Hot

Chris   December 01, 2009  
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Scruzol multi function screwdriver

How often do you find yourself working on a project only to find out that you do not have the correct screwdriver to complete your task. It is not that you need a specialty screwdriver, but the simple fact that you cannot find your #1 Phillips head.

If only you owned the Scruzol with its on-board storage of 12 bit tips. The Scruzol is by no means the first screwdriver with on-board storage, but it is the first I have seen that can be used in your hand and in your powered drill/driver. Another nifty feature of the Scruzol is the large magnet, that not only keeps your bits secure throughout all your projects, but also allows you to stick it to a metal surface such as the inside lid of your toolbox. Our Canadian friends to the north can find the Scruzol at Canadian Tire, which will include 12 bit tips: Flat 1/4 3/16, Hex M4 M5, Phillips 1 2 3, Square 1 2 3, Torx 25 30. I am sure it wont be long until we get a US dealer.


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