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iRobot Looj v2 Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot Looj v2 Gutter Cleaning Robot Hot

Chris   January 13, 2009  
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iRobot showcased their newly improved version 2 of the Looj at CES 09. The Looj is simply a remote controlled gutter cleaning tank that allows you to clean your gutters without having to move your ladder every 5 feet. Which is not only a pain, but can also be dangerous. This new version addresses some of the issues that plagued the previous version. Some of the new features are: a longer flexible auger that should prevent the Looj from flipping itself over, a faster reverse speed, and a tool free battery door. All of which were common problems, and complaints.

You can look for the Looj v2 in stores and online this Spring 09

via engadget

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