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Attachments For Your Reciprocating Saw

Attachments For Your Reciprocating Saw Hot

Chris   March 24, 2009  
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The reciprocating movement mimics the movements that are bodies use for sawing by hand. If you think about it, we use the same body movements to do a number of other tasks. The problem with the reciprocating saw is that it can only do one task as is the case with most saws, and who wants a tool that can only do one thing. ReciproTools knows this, and have designed a number of attachments that can be used on a reciprocating saw, that will give your arms a rest, and make your reciprocating saw a better tool.

An adapter is attached to the reciprocating saw which allows you to "quick connect" the various attachments. The quick connect is similar to a 1/4" quick connect drill bit. Available attachments include a Half Round File, Rattail Fine File, Rattail Coarse File, Flat Rasp, Off-set Stainless Brush, and Straight Stainless Brush. The adapter cost $16 on Amazon, with each attachment costing around $6. Video after Read More

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