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87 Tool Pocket Knife Needs Large Pockets

87 Tool Pocket Knife Needs Large Pockets Hot

Chris   March 25, 2009  
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Wenger 87 tool giant knife

Need a knife that can do it all and a $1400 price doesn't bother you? I don't know if you can find anything with more tools then this Wenger Giant Knife. With an astounding 87 implements you could spend a lifetime trying to figure out what each tool is, and what each tool can do. It weighs 2 pounds, and sizes in at 8-3/4 inches, so you will need large pockets, and a strong belt to keep your pants up. There are too many tools for me to list, so you can find the full list on the Wenger Giant Knife page.

Wenger Knives87 Tool Pocket Knife Needs Large Pockets - Amazon

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