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Ridgid Radio Pretends to be Indestructible, Almost Succeeds

Ridgid Radio Pretends to be Indestructible, Almost Succeeds Hot
Chris   November 07, 2010  
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The New RIDGID Job Site Radio with ShockMount Technology

The latest radio from Ridgid seems to be almost indestructible. In a video released by Ridgid, they went all out in a series of radio abuse tests. They dropped cinder blocks on it, used it to break boards, ran it over with a truck, and even threw it off of a roof top. All of that and it still survived.

There is not much information out about the new radio, but at the end of the video they do give us a little. From what they tell us, it looks like it will be the first jobsite radio that not only works with iPod's, but it also chargers them. It even has a remote control that will operate the iPod.


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