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Origin Laser Tools 5000 Dollar Level

Origin Laser Tools 5000 Dollar Level Hot

Chris   March 16, 2011  
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cornerstone classic laser level

Cheap plastic $300 lasers not good enough for you? Yeah, I called $300 cheap; what else would you call it when it is going up against a $5000 laser that is the Cornerstone Classic. The Cornerstone Classic is a three-pane line-laser, similar to the Bosch GLL3-80, but way more advanced. No plastic here; the Cornerstone Classic is machined from 7075 aircraft aluminum, 360 brass, and 440c surgical stainless steel. The CC is self leveling, but does not uses a pendulum design like the others on the market, instead it is leveled electronically via precision brushless DC motors. This leveling mechanism is said to give the laser an accuracy of ±1/32" @ 100 feet.

cornerstone classic laser 2

To say the Cornerstone laser is fancy is an understatement and the specification page uses words like "orthogonal " and "azimuthal " just to make sure you know it. Did we mention the laser also has exotic wood grip accents? You have a choice of Bubinga, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Birdseye Maple, Walnut, Teak, Rosewood, or Thuya Burl. Fancy. Like mentioned above, the basic Cornerstone Classic Laser Kit costs $5000. This includes the laser, a carrying case, tripod adapter, targets, USB 110V wall charger, Charger Adapter, LensPen (for cleaning), Instruction card, CD, and other warranty and calibration information.

Origin Laser Tools – via Tool Snob

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