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Milwaukee Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand Hot

Chris   November 12, 2009  
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Well over a year after Milwaukee released their line of 12-inch miter saws, they have now come out with a new heavy duty miter saw stand, which in my opinion is a year late. However if you have been holding out for a Milwaukee stand or you are just now looking for a better way to make your miter saw more mobile, it doesn't look like the 48-08-0550 Miter Stand will disappoint.

In typical Milwaukee fashion, the 48-08-0550 is no light weight. The stand weighs in at 56.3 lbs which is a pound more then one of the Milwaukee Miter Saws it would be supporting. When we take a look at the specs we can see what the weight of the stand is accomplishing – the table area of the stand can support an amazing 550 lbs. It has a total extension width of 9.5' which is good for short trim, but if you are working with trim lengths in the 12-16' range I always suggest getting a couple extra roller stands.

It looks like only part that is questionable are the girly sized wheels. I don't know why manufacturers like to skimp on the wheels, but it is has always been annoying. Do they not realize that jobsites are like mini war zones?

If the 48-08-0550 Stand caught your fancy you can pick one up for around $200.

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