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LaSquare, A New Wide Base Combination Square

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Written by Chris     July 25, 2012    
LaSquare - 2" Wide Based Combination Square

Remember those car commercials a few years back advertising that "wider is better"? I guess what applies to cars may also apply to tools. The LaSquare uses this very idea and brings us a "wider is better" combination square that features a 2-inch wide foot.

In the modern age designers like to make everything round and less boxy. But what this means to builders is that our traditional tools will not work. A regular combination square will work just fine on a square flat table top, but if you throw a 1/2-inch round-over on the edge, your square becomes drastically less accurate. The LaSquare and its larger 2-inch foot allows it actually bridge over these rounded edges and provide a way to accurately make square reference marks, even on round pipe.

The Made in USA LaSquare has a starting price of about $36 and comes with the 2-inch aluminum foot and a 12-inch stainless steel blade. Longer blade options are also available.


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