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Jameson Heavy Duty Work Lights

Jameson Heavy Duty Work Lights Hot

Chris   April 21, 2010  
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jameson work lights

Have you ever found yourself in a dark room with a 16 penny nail in one hand, a 2x4 in the other, but you seem to be without a hammer. If you had one of the Jameson Work lights, you would be in a well lit room and you would have no problem using your Jameson work light to hammer away on that 16 penny nail; at least that is what Jameson claims. Knowing that this is the same company that makes portable tent lights for the military, their claim is probably true.

To ensure all of this protection, the Jameson high intensity work lights use fluorescent bulbs that are suspended in a shatterproof protective tube shield and use thermoplastic elastomer handles and endcaps that are designed to absorb impact. These lights are made for use in battle zones and other harsh environments, so they do not run cheap. The lights are available in 13, 24 and 50 watt models with prices ranging from $100 - $150

Jameson Lights - [:cicn:] Sears

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