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Homemade Scroll Saw Made Of Wood And Awesomeness

Homemade Scroll Saw Made Of Wood And Awesomeness Hot
Chris   November 30, 2012  
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Homemade Scroll Saw Made Of Wood And Awesomeness

It is always very impressive to me to see the homemade tools that people make; the more complex the tool, the more impressive it is to me. So you can imagine how excited I was to see that someone made a rather complex scroll saw out of wood and a bit of electronics.

This scroll saw was made by Mikiono, from Japan, and his design looks rather similar to that of a scroll saw I came across while doing some scroll saw shopping a couple of years back. Mikiono's design and the Eclipse scroll saw I came across are belt driven and use c-arms and an off-set crank to provide the oscillating movement. This design also removes the orbital action found on most scroll saws and also allows for a longer blade stroke. Needless to say, Mikiono chose a good design for his scroll saw whether he based it off of the Eclipse or not.

Mikiono's homemade scroll saw - Woodgears
Eclipse Scroll Saws

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