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Freud Blades For Festool Track Saws

Freud Blades For Festool Track Saws Hot
Chris   June 14, 2013  
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Freud LU79R006M20

Freud has announced that they have come out with a new line of saw blades that they have specifically designed for use on Festool track saws. The new series is also the first and only anti-vibration designed saw blade for a Festool saw.

The blade series uses a 20mm arbor with a 160mm diameter and all feature a thin-kerf design. Freud is offering a 48 tooth blade with a HI-ATB with 5 degree hook tooth geometry for clean cuts in plywood, wood and melamine. They have a 28 tooth ATB with 12 degree hook blade for general purpose cuts and a 14 tooth with 20 degree hook for rip cutting. Their final blade is a 48 tooth TCG blade for use on laminate flooring. All blades use hi-density carbide teeth, and feature a special blade coating that prevents heat build-up.

Though DeWALT uses a 165mm diameter saws blade in their track saws, these smaller 160mm blades should fit. You will, however, lose 2.5mm(0.098") in cutting depth.

You can find these priced between $30-$40 depending on the model.

BUY Freud blades for Festool - Amazon

Update: There was a miscommunication and it turns out these are not new blades and have been out since 2010. I do not have a Festool track saw or I probably would have already known this.

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