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Bridge City Tool's New Cheaper Jointmaker

Bridge City Tool's New Cheaper Jointmaker Hot

Chris   April 19, 2010  
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bridge city tools jointmaker sw

No, I am not talking about drugs here, this is a family blog. The new Jointmaker SW is the little brother to the Jointmaker Pro. As odd as it may sound, the Jointmaker can best be described as a hand tool variation of the table saw.

The SW in this latest Jointmaker version stands for single wing. So while you lose quite a bit over the Jointmaker Pro's double wing design, you also lose a bit in cost. This brings the price from $1300 down to $900. However, you also lose in the features department; the SW only bevels 45 in one direction and 15 in the other.

The JM-SW (Single Wing) is big news. Rather than utilizing two sliding tables that are bridged (for most cuts), this saw functions similarly to most sliding table saws--there is one sliding table and one static table. The Jointmaker SW features the same linear bearing system as the JMP v2 on one side and is opposed by a static, extruded aluminum table.

Still an amazing tool, just not for everyone. (Video after Read More)

[:cicn:] Bridge City Tool Works

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