Festool 10" sliding compound miter saw - Kapex KS 120

Festool 10" sliding compound miter saw - Kapex KS 120 Hot
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Festool 10" sliding compound miter saw - Kapex KS 120
Model #
Kapex 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw
High-Quality 60-tooth Carbide Blade
Angle Transfer Device (MiterFast)
Hold Down Clamp
  • Rapid Clamping - The tilt angle is easy to adjust from the front. Simply detach the quick-release clamp, set the angle and lock
  • Space-saving precision design - The innovative twin-column guide holds the saw blade in position with even greater accuracy and excludes the components protruding from the rear
  • 120mm Cutting depth - The unique special cutting position on the KAPEX allows you to cut strip material with a maximum height of 120 mm quicky, safely and accurately
  • Bevel included - Transfer interior and exterior angles precisely from the workpiece to your KAPEX using the bevel
  • Easy transportation - Trasport safety devise, clamp, cable holder, well designed hand grips and 21.5 kg in weight - the KAPEX is ideal for mobile applications
  • No dangerous obstacles - The cable holder keeps your workpiece tidy and eliminates dangerous obstitcles when you transport the machine
  • Convenient operation - The guard release is intergrated in the two-stage switch and can be operated by both right and left handers. The same applies for the safety switch-on lock
  • Dust extraction - The KAPEX is fitted with an extraction connector and an efficient chip deflector funnel: the chips are extracted directly where they are produced
  • Precision grooving - Cut accurate grooves with the stepless trenching depth adjuster: simply actuate the lever, set the trenching depth with a single turn and start working
  • Secure workpiece support surface - The large sliding quick-release fences allow the accurate positioning of workpiece in their "original wall position" and the attachment of self-manufactured positioning supports
  • Intelligent base height - The KAPEX saw base is the same height as the SYS 1, which can be used to support long workpieces when working on the floor
  • Easy-to-read scales - The easy-to-read scales are abrasion resistant, the pointer can also be adjusted. The rotary base has a 60° range and is adjusted via the convenient clamp lever
  • Robust and stable - The KAPEX was designed for tough industrial applications. The large magnesium diecast base with rubber feet provides maximum stability
  • Fast-Fix saw blade changing system - Rapid blade changes that saves you time and money
  • MMC electronics - With variable speed pre-selection, smooth start up, safety brake and overload protection the MMC electronics minimise working stress and adapt machine performance to the working material
  • Settings accurate to the millimeter - Fine adjuster operated from the front, for precise cutting angles. Make complex cuts in no time at all
  • Precision dual-line laser - Whether you position the workpiece from the right or left, the laser lines will always show the exact width of the cut and make your work easier as a result

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