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Hot Deals
Written by Chris     March 03, 2014     0   1   0
While Rockler's popular Bench Cookie Plus Master Kit normally sells for just under $64, it has come to my attention that it is currently on sale for only $39.99. The Plus Master kit not only includes a set of non-slip router cookies, but also a few different accessories that extend their versatility.
Rockler T-Stops
Tool Blog
Written by Chris     February 24, 2014     0   1   0
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced T-track Stops, a new accessory that adds more versatility to the Rockler T-Track Table and other T-track setups. Their low-profile design allows them to hold materials in place while leaving the top surface available for sanding, surface planning, or any number of other woodworking tasks.
CNC Shark Black Diamond Edition
Written by Chris     October 15, 2013     0   1   0
If you have had your eye on the CNC Shark system from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, now might be the perfect time to make that purchase. Rockler has come out with a new Limited Edition Black Diamond version of their largest CNC Shark model that comes with some nice extras, such as surface mapping. Best of all, it is on sale for the same price as the Shark HD V2.0
Written by Chris     October 02, 2013     1   1   0
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has come out with a new product that I think is pure genius; and this genius comes in the form of a new electric router fence that can be programmed to make cutting box joints, dadoes, and dovetails a breeze.
Written by Chris     September 23, 2013     0   5   0
For the most part Rockler caters their stores and their tools to people who work in shop environments, and their own products are no different. Rockler has come out with a new line of tool pouches and aprons that have been designed to meet the different needs of those working in a shop, including the ability to use them off the belt.
Written by Chris     August 06, 2013     0   8   0
If you do a lot of work with wood, you might find that your glue bottle gets used just as much as your other tools. So in an effort to make the task of gluing as easy as possible for every application, Rockler has come out with a new Glue Bottle Applicator Kit. Rockler even found a way to make a silicone brush into an attachment.
Rockler Bench Cookie Bridges
Written by Chris     May 20, 2013     0   2   0
You think Rockler has done all they can do with their Bench Cookies? Think again. Rockler has come out with yet another accessory for their Bench Cookie, this one called Bench Cookie Bridges. Bridges offer another way to turn the Bench Cookie into a raised finishing platform.
Rockler Mixing Mate
Written by Chris     January 18, 2013     0   2   0
Do you remember the Mixing Mate that Rockler came out with last summer? It fit onto a regular quart-sized paint can and promised a no-hassle way for users to store, mix, and pour their paints and finishes. It must have been successful because Rockler has now come out with a gallon-sized version.
Rockler Mini Silicone Glue Brush Review
Written by Chris     January 16, 2013     1   0   0
Last year I reviewed the first and original silicone glue brush from Rockler and was impressed right away by how well it worked. And while I liked the brush and recommended it, I did have a problem with it not being able to fit inside a glue bottle. Rockler's solution? The Mini Silicone Glue Brush.
Written by Chris     November 14, 2012     0   3   0
Silicone Glue application tools must be gaining in popularity. Rockler first started out with their basic Silicone Glue Brush early in the year, then just a few months ago they developed a full Silicone Glue Application kit; but the New Silicone Mini Glue Brush is what I was waiting for.
24 results - showing 1 - 10