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Senco SCP40XP Concrete Nailer
Written by Chris     April 26, 2013     0   1   0
If you want to nail into concrete using pneumatics, usually you need a special high-pressure compressor to go along with a high-pressure nailer. Senco's new SCP40XP concrete nailer lets you use your regular air compressor yet drives up to 1-1/2-inch nails into concrete.
Written by Chris     July 27, 2012     0   0   0
Antique tool collectors might be interested in this rare WW2 era pneumatic (worm drive?) Skil Saw. Some of you older tool users may have heard folklore about such a tool, and maybe a rare few have even seen this mystical tool in person.
Written by Gary     July 24, 2012     0   8   0
Can an 18 gauge nail gun with a name unfamiliar to most carpenters compare to the guns made by the big name tool makers?—Well, this carpenter emphatically says Yes! In fact the Uffy finish nailer I recently used surpasses my expectations in nail guns, and over the years I've used many brands.
California Air Tools Ultra Quiet & Lightweight Air Compressor
Written by Chris     May 15, 2012     1   0   0
Two years ago I asked, Where Are The Aluminum Air Compressors? I wrote the article after draining my air compressor, seeing the rusty water come out, and wondering why they didn't make tanks out of aluminum. An aluminum tank would solve the rust issue and make the tool a bit lighter as well. In the article I mention that after a search I found Maxus aluminum air compressors, but as of now it looks like they are no longer made. Jump to today and I have found a new maker of aluminum air compressors. ...
UFFY Decorative Nailer TH-T-DECO1
Written by Chris     May 11, 2012     1   0   0
One way to accent upholstery is to add rows of decorative nails around the edges or on the seams. These decorative nails are a nice way to add a bit of contrast, but it takes a long time to hammer in each nail by hand. Normally I would not be writing about upholstery nailers, but Uffy Tools has come out with a pretty cool new Pneumatic Decorative Upholstery Nailer (TH-T-DECO1 ) that accepts loose decorative nails and uses a mini tornado inside the tool to automatically align each nail into the magazine. Watch the video below...
Hot Deals
Written by Chris     April 25, 2012     0   0   0
The Flexzilla air hose is the latest in super flexible all-weather pneumatic air hoses. The Flexzilla hose is advertised as being able to lay flat right after uncoil and remain flexible even when it has been completely frozen. For a limited time LeeValley has the 3/8" diameter air hoses at 25-foot and 50-foot lengths for only $18.50 and $29.95 respectively; this is a saving of between $10 and $20, depending on the store. This is a special offer from LeeValley and will only be available while supplies last. Flexzilla Air Hoses - LeeValley ...
Written by Chris     April 23, 2012     0   0   0
The JobMax is a tool that Ridgid makes that features a corded or cordless body that can accept interchangeable heads. The System has been out for a while now, with improvements and attachments coming along the way. Now it appears the next step for the JobMax system is to go pneumatic.
Manufacturer News
Written by Chris     March 27, 2012     0   3   0
Hat tip to Jay over at CopTool for discovering this one. It turns out the 2012 Bosch Tool Catalog is now available at select tools stores and available online, and hidden inside its paper-thin walls are a few exciting new tools. Jay discovered a new Bosch Laser that is specifically designed to check the levelness of floors as well as a new Bosch wet tile/stone saw. Too bad it looks like the floor level cannot be used on walls. When doing wall paneling, a flat wall is a must and making a wall flat is the hardest part. ...
Written by Chris     October 11, 2011     0   0   0
Senco took cordless nailers in a new direction when they introduced their Fusion line. Instead of using fuel cells or fly-wheels, Senco developed a recharging close-looped compressed nitrogen system that acts kind of like a mini air compressor built right into the gun. Senco initially released 15-gauge and 18-gauge versions of the nailer, and now they are expanding to include a 16-gauge straight nailer (F-16S), and a 16-gauge angled nailer F-16A. "We've had tremendous success converting pneumatic, battery, and gas-powered customers to the F-15 and the F-18," says Dave Moore, Senco's director of Fusion technology....
Written by Chris     June 21, 2011     0   0   0
I am a fan of small lightweight air compressors and have been using a small 1-gallon for years now on the jobsite. So when I got news about a new 1-gallon from Porter-Cable, the excitement began to flow; that is until I realized that the new C1010 compressor from Porter-Cable is the same as the D55140 from DeWalt. Not that there is anything wrong with the DeWalt, it's just that the new compressor is not really new. The specification for both units are almost identical, with the C1010 coming it at 71 decibels, which...
14 results - showing 1 - 10