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Ridgid LM-400
Tool Blog
Written by Chris     January 13, 2014     0   2   0
Ridgid has announced that they are coming out with a new LM-400 Advanced Laser Measurer that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit measurements directly your smartphone or tablet. Using their free app you can add the measurements directly to a photo or create a floor plan.
Tool Blog
Written by Chris     January 10, 2014     0   3   0
If you have ever used a traditional permanent marker on the jobsite you probably already know that the marker tips don't last very long. Milwaukee has introduced a line of Inkzall Permanent Markers that have been optimized to work where others markers have failed. Taking the usability of the Inkzall a step further, Milwaukee also included a Stylus that can be used with touch devices such as iPad, iPhones, and other smartphones.
Bosch GLL 3-50
Tool Blog
Written by Chris     November 08, 2013     0   1   0
Bosch has announced that they have come out with the new GLL 3-50 three line laser, plus plumb dot. This laser looks to be a smaller cheaper alternative to the GLL 3-80, which uses a more complex optics system to produce three 360-degree planes.
Woodpeckers Paolini Pocket Rule
Written by Chris     March 13, 2013     1   1   0
As Gary pointed out the other day in his Quick Tip, a simple ruler can come in really handy on the jobsite and you probably have an old one from a combination square lying around somewhere. But is the Paolini Pocket Rule from Woodpeckers better solution?
6-ruler layout
Written by Gary     March 07, 2013     0   3   0
As a finish carpenter, I have an apron pocket assigned for a small combination square. (In addition to whatever else finds its way in that pocket) But I notice that after tightening the ruler in the base over and over again, inevitably the day comes when the ruler no longer tightens in the base and it's time for a new combo square. So it was that as I was digging around in my tool box, I found a couple of loose steel rulers. Now I'm not one to throw something out if it has a purpose, but what can...
Johnson Billet Torpedo Levels
Written by Chris     February 13, 2013     0   1   0
Johnson has come out with a couple of new torpedo levels designed to meet the specific needs of tradesmen. These 6-inch and 9-inch levels are not your typical plastic torpedo levels but instead are machined out of solid aluminum and offer other professional features.
Johnson Carbonized Bamboo T-Bevel (1926-1000)
Written by Chris     February 04, 2013     0   4   0
A couple of years ago Johnson Level first introduced their bamboo levels. Bamboo is advantageous to use for a number of reasons including strength and sustainability, so is it any wonder that they have decided to introduce a line of T-Bevels and Try-Squares that use the fast growing grass?
Multi-Mark™ - One tool does it all!
Written by Chris     August 06, 2012     1   0   0
Kreg has come out with a new layout tool that just might be good enough to replace your combination square for good. Why? Everything I use my combination square for the Kreg Multi-Mark can do, but it can also do so much more.
LaSquare - 2" Wide Based Combination Square
Written by Chris     July 25, 2012     1   0   0
Remember those car commercials a few years back advertising that "wider is better"? I guess what applies to cars may also apply to tools. The LaSquare uses this very idea and brings us a "wider is better" combination square that features a 2-inch wide foot.
CST/berger LL20 360-degree Exterior Line Laser
Manufacturer News
Written by Chris     June 29, 2012     1   0   0
The 360 Laser Line technology that Bosch has developed has always been impressive to me. It offers much of the benefits of a traditional rotary laser but because it has less moving parts, it can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention that it is super handy to see the line all around the room. Bosch is now moving this same 360 technology to their CST/berger brand and have introduced the LL20 Exterior Self Leveling Line Laser.
23 results - showing 1 - 10