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Craftsman Hot Deal
Hot Deals
Written by Chris     August 13, 2013     0   1   0
Sears has a hot deal up right now on a 12V Drill and Impact kit for the low low price of $39.99, Regular $109.99. The kit also includes a single 12V lithium-ion battery. The kit would be considered light-duty by today's standards, but at only $40 it is well worth the price. Buy it as a tool to use around the house and it will pay for itself after just a few uses. Heck, the impact has more torque than the impact I used every day on the job a few years ago. If I didn't have...
Hot Deal Nextec Multi-tool
Hot Deals
Written by Chris     April 30, 2013     0   1   0
We don't see deals like this very often, but Sears has their Craftsman Nextec line 12-volt Multi-Tool (tool only) for sale for less than ten bucks. This is just the bare tool and doesn't come with any accessories, but what would you expect for only pocket change. The regular price for this tool is $59.99, and kit sells for just under $80. This deal is probably only worthwhile to people that already own Craftsman Nextec 12-volt tools, as a separate purchase of a battery and a charger will cost you nearly $50. You would be better off...
Hot Deals
Written by Chris     December 26, 2012     0   1   0
Didn't find that tool you wanted under the Christmas tree or in your stocking? Don't worry because there are still plenty of deals to be found. A number of sites are offering After Christmas Sales that are just as good as the before Christmas sales.
Manufacturer News
Written by Chris     October 02, 2012     0   3   0
Who do we turn to when we need saving? Why the Justice League of course. But who does the Justice League turn to when the Hall of Justice needs saving from disrepair? Apparently they turn to the Craftsman Technician and his trusty Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Tool System.
Written by Gary     April 17, 2012     0   4   0
My wife loves her garden; so when she happened to suggest that this year she would like to try raised garden beds, and Craftsman happened to request a review of their new digging shovel, I said; "let's get started." A serious digging project requires a serious digging tool, and the Craftsman Long Handle Digging shovel is as serious as they come.
Weekend Links
Written by Chris     March 31, 2012     0   0   0
12V Recip Saw Showdown, Milwaukee v Bosch v DeWalt v Makita – Coptool Which ultra-compact reciprocating saw is best? Coptool puts the 12V recip saws from the major brands in a head to head battle. They test cutting speed, power, battery life, comfort and more. Check out the review to see who Coptool chooses as the winner. Custom Woodworker Takes on OSHA and Wins – Woodworking Network The big bad OSHA is out there and they just might find you and fine you, even if you did nothing wrong. How?...
Written by Chris     January 11, 2012     0   0   0
Just last week I had to go inside the door panel on my Ford Explorer to try and figure out why the lock mechanism was no longer working and boy is it tight in there. Even though I could see where I needed to work with a flashlight, when it came to doing the actual work, my hand always seemed to cast a shadow. What I needed was hand tools with built in lights.
Written by Chris     December 27, 2011     0   0   0
Is my prediction of the end of Sears already starting to come true? I made this prediction when it was announced that Craftsman tools would be sold at Ace Hardware stores, then just two weeks ago a Wall St. analysis made the prediction that Sears would disappear in 2012.
Manufacturer News
Written by Chris     December 12, 2011     0   0   0
Could this be the end of Sears as we know it? Every year 24/4 Wall St. puts together a list of 10 brands that they predict will not survive the next year. Unfortunately, number 5 on their list to go bye bye in 2012, is Sears. But don't start crying just yet, there might be some hope for Craftsman.
Craftsman NEXTEC QuickBoost Second Generation Preview - 2011 National Hardware Show
Written by Chris     May 17, 2011     1   0   0
We didn't make it to the National Hardware Show, but the good thing about the tool blogging community is that we all share with each other. Lucky for us, and you, Homefixated and Tools In Action were both on hand to cover the latest tools to be announced and they have some of their greatest finds on their respective websites. For those of you that prefer the visuals, TIA has you covered with a bunch of videos. Those of you who prefer the written word with a bit of wit, Homfixated is your place. Just love tools? Visit both...
13 results - showing 1 - 10