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Written by Chris     June 18, 2012     0   0   0
You have probably seen those Channellock pliers with the red and blue handles on them; well, those tools are part of Channellock's Code Blue line. They never seemed to be advertised as much as their classic line, and I guess that was because the handle grips were not made here in the USA. That was, until now.
Written by Chris     July 27, 2011     0   0   0
Channellock has put together a great general purpose tool roll set, and in my opinion it is the best tool set they offer. The Tool Roll No. 3 Gift Set includes the: 430 tongue & groove plier, 420 tongue & groove plier, 337 cutting plier, 3017 long nose plier, 526 slip joint plier. These 5 tools are a great addition to a DIYer's small collection of tools, and can be used for many of the most common DIY tasks. This is not some cheap tool set either, and should last a lifetime. Channellock sent me this...
Written by Chris     April 15, 2011     0   0   0
BrandChannellock Model #368 Buy Amazon Not too long ago I review the ChannelLock 9.5” 369 Lineman Pliers, but today I have the new smaller 368 8” version. As I mentioned in my previous review of the 369 Pliers, I am not a professional electrician, and any electrical work that I do is on a small scale. It is because my electrical work is DIY that I prefer the smaller ChannelLock 368's.I simply do not need the added cutting power that the 9.5” version offers. Sacrificing a...
Written by Chris     March 17, 2011     0   0   0
It is no surprise that many, if not most of the tools sold in stores today are knockoffs that are made in China. But it might surprise you to learn that for just a few dollars more you can get the originals that all of these cheap tools are copying. Original Estwing 16oz Hammer - $20 (made in USA) - Amazon ($27)Name brand Chinese copy - $17 Original Shark Corp. 10-inch Prybar - $17 (made in Japan) - AmazonName brand Chinese copy - $15 Spring Tools Hammer-less Nailsets - $10...
Written by Chris     November 12, 2010     0   0   0
A while back Channellock sent over a pair of their 369 lineman pliers and I had the pleasure of putting this tool to the test. Now I am not an electrician, which the tool was originally designed for, but who couldn't use a good set of pliers to help out with life's daily problems. The pivoting action on the pliers was really smooth and a tell tail sign that these are quality made. Channellock recently updated these pliers by reducing the size of the pivot. This change allowed them to move the point closer...
5 results - showing 1 - 5