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Hot Deals
Written by Chris     January 21, 2014     0   1   0
If you do a quick search on the internet you will see that the DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw is going for anywhere from $440 up to $499. So when I saw that Amazon had recently lowered their price to $399.20, I knew I had to share this deal with you.
Written by Chris     November 30, 2012     1   1   0
It is always very impressive to me to see the homemade tools that people make; the more complex the tool, the more impressive it is to me. So you can imagine how excited I was to see that someone made a rather complex scroll saw out of wood and a bit of electronics.
Written by Chris     October 03, 2012     1   4   0
In the 40's Dremel came out with what was basically a powered coping or fret saw. This tool they called the Moto-Saw was pretty revolutionary for its time and they even advertised it as "more like magic than any tool you ever saw". Seventy plus years later Dremel has a new version of the Moto-Saw that still looks like a fancy powered fret saw but can also be mounted in a stand and used as a small scroll saw.
knew concepts precision saw.wmv
Written by Chris     October 17, 2011     1   0   0
What do you use if you want the delicate touch and control that comes with a hand saw, combined with the precision you get with a powered scroll saw? Up until now I would not have had an answer for you, but thankfully for those interested, I came across the Precision Saw from Knew Concepts. Knew Concepts is becoming a well know name amongst people looking for high quality fret saws and when you just look at their tools, you can see why. Not only do they impress with their no-flex titanium fret saws with quick tension cam-lever, but...
Written by Chris     January 13, 2011     0   0   0
Over the past couple of years we have seen many different oscillating tools come out from all of the major brands and even a few no-names, but there really hasn't been any innovation in the accessory department. Well that has all changed with the addition of the Multi-Flex from Dremel. The Multi-Flex looks a little weird, but if it works as advertised, it should bring a whole new level of of versatility to the tool. When the Multi-Flex is attached, it turns your oscillation tool into what is very similar in function to a scroll saw...
Manufacturer News
Written by Chris     January 10, 2011     0   0   0
Popular Woodworking broke some pretty interesting news on Friday, that I am sure has a lot of people wondering what is going on. It turns out that Stanley Black & Decker will be selling the Delta brand to a Taiwanese company called TOTY and it will be renamed Delta Power Equipment. The New company will be run by someone familiar to the industry, Bryan Whiffen, who was Sr. VP for product development at TTI. TTI as we know, is the owner of Milwaukee Power tool and Ryobi. We shouldn't see much of a change in production, because...
6 results - showing 1 - 6