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Rockler T-Stops
Tool Blog
Written by Chris     February 24, 2014     0   1   0
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced T-track Stops, a new accessory that adds more versatility to the Rockler T-Track Table and other T-track setups. Their low-profile design allows them to hold materials in place while leaving the top surface available for sanding, surface planning, or any number of other woodworking tasks.
Make A Dowel Maker
Cool Tools
Written by Chris     August 15, 2012     1   0   0
When you are working with exotic woods it is not always easy to find matching dowel stock. You might be able to find something from a specialty store online, but if you are in a hurry, good luck finding it at your local store. The best way to find dowel stock to match your project is to make your own
Making zero clearance  table saw inserts
Weekend Links
Written by Chris     June 02, 2012     1   0   0
Dust Free Drilling with the Dust Bubble - Homefixated Need to drill a hole and leave no evidence behind? Check out this cool and weird product that will capture the dust into a bubble that you can then throw into the trash. A vacuum is probably more practical for a lot of drilling, but if you have a few holes, this bubble might save you. Load-N-Lock Lunch Bucket - ToolSkool When you go to work you need a manly lunch. The Load-N-Lock Lunch Bucket is big enough to hold your...
Written by Chris     January 13, 2012     0   0   0
Rockler makes and sells tons of great products that make building stuff a whole lot easier, and the task they want to make easier this time, is building custom window shutters. Their new shutter jig solves the problem of positioning and spacing the shutters correctly, but Rockler also has an online plan wizard so that you can make sure each shutter fits onto each window.
Hot Deals
Written by Chris     December 13, 2011     0   0   0
MagSwitch is the name we first associate switchable magnets and their use in jigs and fixtures, but it looks like Chestnut Tools want to give them a bit of competition. And what better way to kick things off then with a buy one get one free deal from Lee Valley?
How to Cut Tenons for Deck Rails with a Table Saw
Written by Chris     August 16, 2011     1   0   0
Did you know you can make round tenons on square stock by using a simple jig and a table saw with dado? FineHomebuilding.com has a video that shows us how simple the jig is, and how easy the whole process is as well. Check out the video and see for yourself. It looks like the most important step to getting accurate roundness, is to make sure that your square stock fits snugly into the hole on the two guiding blocks. The cool thing about the setup is that you can adjust the tenon depth in a matter...
6 results - showing 1 - 6