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The Gutster Demo Bar

Written by Chris     February 27, 2009    

I am always on the lookout for cool tools, and The Gutster is definitely one of them. As you can see from the title, it is a demolition bar. I am not in the destruction business myself, but seeing what this tool can do sure makes it look like a lot of fun.

A few key features of The Gutster are: a long handle that will keep you standing upright, a wedged shaped tip that allows you to get under all those pesky boards, a forked tip that allows you to twist and remove 2x4s, and a nail puller if you need it. They have 3 sizes available (40" 32" 24") all under $44, and can be purchased from their website. See the video after the break.

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Man With Pocket Knife Saves Life

Written by Chris     February 26, 2009    

[Photo by Jeffrey Roberts / Daily Hampshire Gazette ]

Golden Nozzle car wash customer John A. O'Leary was riding through the car wash when he noticed something was terribly wrong. Yards away, fighting for her life inside the car wash was 19-year-old employee Stephanie Carpluk. The lone attendant had taken a short-cut through the car rails and her scarf had become ensnared in one of the wash's rotating mechanical brushes. The machinery had pulled the scarf tightly around her neck and was quickly strangling her. Unable to free herself, Carpluk passed out. Within seconds, O'Leary sprung from his car and pulled out a pocket knife that he was carrying and cut her free. Noticing she wasn't breathing, he began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until Carpluk could once again breath on her own... undeniably saving the young woman's life. - autoblog

Be Prepared, the Boy Scout motto is simple but true. John was prepared and he was able to save a life just because he carried a simple tool and remembered the CPR training he received in the 70's. This is the reason every man and women should carry some type of pocket knife at all times. It doesn't not have to be big, and you want to be sure you are following your state and local laws, but it should always be sharp. One thing you learn quickly is a sharp knife is a safe knife.

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Blog Cabin Final Voting

Written by Chris     February 25, 2009    
This is the last week for voting so if you haven't done so yet, be sure to get your votes in. This week Blog Cabin has also revealed that they will have two "cabin cams" so we can see the daily progress of the project, as well as photo slide shows and videos to keep us all up to date. They have also mentioned a new feature built just for the readers, and say we will be "surprised and delighted". I guess we wait and see.

Here are the last 3 voting options:

Street Name
  1. Dreamcatcher Drive
  2. Lucky Dog Lane
  3. Castle Pines Drive
  4. Consensus Court
Treehouse Design
  1. Traditional Treehouse
  2. Modern Treehouse
Man Cave Wall Paint Color
  1. Umber
  2. Tigereye
  3. Enticing Red
  4. Basket Beige
  5. Alexandrite
  6. Gambol Gold
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Light Your Drivers Way

Written by Chris     February 24, 2009    

Most of the newer cordless drivers come with LEDs that help you to light the way. Thank you to Makita for making lights in tools popular. But what if you have an older tool that doesn't have a light, or you need light for you hand drivers. The UFO Tool & Flash Light could be your answer. It is a small disk light that can be slipped onto your screwdrivers, bit extensions, Allen wrenches, etc. A turn of the disk powers on three wide beam LEDs, and a magnetic back makes it easy to store in your toolbox. Unlike toys when you were a kid, batteries are included.

For a limited time has these UFO Tool & Flash Lights on sale, and with promo code V9739 you can get free shipping. Shipping code expires 2/28/09

Update: Extend free shipping with promo code V9742. Expires 3/8/09

UFO Tool & Flash Light - Amazon

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Accurate layouts with Incra Rules

Written by Chris     February 20, 2009    

Do you ever find it hard to get your layouts exactly in the right place down to the 64th of an inch. Or maybe you are having trouble marking 47.5 degrees. If you are having problems with your layouts, you might be in need of one or more of these super cool rules from Incra.

They are precision made stainless steel rules with micro-fine holes for making highly accurate marks or lines. Simply find the correct hole or slot for the measurement you are looking for, and mark away. The holes are designed to fit .5mm pencil lead.

Incra has a variety of marking Rules that are sure to fit your needs.

Incra Rules - Amazon

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Blog Cabin Voting Round 5: Pick A Color

Written by Chris     February 20, 2009    
The voting has been close for just about every voting option so far. Up next is two more voting options that are sure to follow suit. The first vote is for the house exterior colors. Not something I am going to describe, so you will just have to head over to the Blog Cabin site and vote. The second voting option is the wood flooring choice. The 3 options are a very nice Virginia Mill Works Distressed Saddle Hickory Flooring with a 30-year warranty, a simple Clover Lea Plantation Charleston Chestnut Heart Pine Flooring, and a unique Bellawood Australian Cypress Prefinished Flooring with am amazing 50-year warranty. I am a fan of the Australian Cypress.
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Carpenter Tools For Your iPhone

Written by Chris     February 18, 2009    

A responsible carpenter never leaves home without his trusty level, right? Well maybe not, but with some cool Apps and an iPhone or iTouch, you can play carpenter anytime/anywhere. The iHandy Carpenter App from iHandySoft Inc includes 5 tools that might just come in handy the next time you forget your real tools. The App is available in the iTunes App Store and includes a Plumb Bob, Surface Level, Level, Ruler, and a Protractor all for just $1.99. If that is too rich for your blood, you can get the iHandy Level App by itself for Free. If you have used this App or something similar let us know how well it works.

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Rockler EZ-Clutch Bar Clamp Quick Release

Written by Chris     February 17, 2009    
Rockler does a good job of making simple solutions to common problems. One of these common problems comes with using bar clamps. It takes time to release these clamps once you have them completely tightened, and Rockler has a way to speed things up. Sure it only takes a few seconds, but those seconds seem like forever when you are in a hurry to move on to the next project.

The EZ-Clutch delivers quick, effortless release of tail stock and eliminates sticky clutch plates on your standard 3700 style bar clamps.

  • Dramatically increases your leverage so bar clamp releases with ease.
  • Retrofits in seconds!
  • Rubberized handle for comfort.
  • Hardened steel body for durability.
  • Patent pending

Available at for $2.49

See it in action after the break.

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Bosch World of Concrete 2009 Sweepstakes

Written by Chris     February 13, 2009    

Enter now for your chance to win a $1,000 Bosch prize package!

Prize Packages include your choice of:

  • The World's Quietest Dishwasher - Integra® 500 Series by Bosch
  • Green, Energy Star Tankless Water Heater - Bosch AquaStar 2700ES Series
  • Best Built 4-Piece 18V LitheonTM Combo Kit
  • 10" Table Saw with Gravity Rise Stand
  • 35lb Breaker Hammer
  • Dustless Combo Kit - featuring the industry's most lightweight rotary hammer
Good Luck
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Blog Cabin Voting Round 4: Name That Street

Written by Chris     February 13, 2009    
The Blog Cabin 2009 voting is moving right along with new voting options coming faster then I can keep with with. Blog Cabin is asking you to help them choose the name of the Blog Cabin Street. All that they ask is that you look at the surroundings, consider the city of Asheville, etc and choose a name that fits. You can submit your street names until Tuesday, Feb. 17th, Then from Feb. 23rd - March 2nd you can vote on four street names that have been selected by the Judges.

They also have another set of 4 more voting options. Listed Below:

Roof Color

  1. Teak
  2. Driftwood

Exterior Stone

  1. Quartz
  2. Ledgestone

Front Door Style

  1. Solid Door
  2. Door With Window
  3. Dutch Door

Luxury Kitchen Appliance

  1. Warming Drawer
  2. Built-in Ice Maker
  3. Wine Fridge
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