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Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review

Written by Chris     March 19, 2014    
Milwaukee Heated Hoodie fits over hard hat

When users told Milwaukee they didn't like putting their nice heated jackets through jobsite abuse, Milwaukee's answer was to come out with a heated hoodie. In this review we take a closer look at the less formal, less costly, but still stylish Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie.

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Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder Review

Written by Chris     March 05, 2014    
Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder

Studpop is a new stud finder design that uses a magnet to locate the studs in your walls. Using magnets to find studs is nothing new, not only have I been using this method for years, but it is also my method of choice. Typical magnetic stud finders are not perfect though, but Studpop seems to have found the solution.

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Blaklader Bantam Kangaroo Vest Review—Vest To Impress

Written by Gary     February 26, 2014    
Blaklader Vest Front

I can't imagine that the average tradesman, donning a well worn pair of work pants along with a comfortable tee-shirt, thinks about fashion while putting on a pair of rugged boots. And a GQ kinda guy I am not—even off the job site—but when I tool-up with my Blaklader Bantam Kangaroo vest, invariably someone will notice and ask, "Where'd ya get that work vest?" Framers, cabinet installers, and even electricians seeing the Blaklader vest note its practical use for their trade (in addition to its fashionable appeal).

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